Usa River Rehabilitation and Training Center

Blick vom Zentrum auf den Mt. Meru

Our Center is a place for people with and without disabilities to live, learn, and work together. „We believe in your ability“ is our motto and also the focus of our thoughts and activities. „We believe in your ability“. For us, this sentence has three dimensions:

  1. „We believe in your ability“ to live independently with disabilities
    It is hard to live as a disabled person in Tanzania, one of the world's poorest nations. There is  factually no aid from the state. During the dry season, disabled people literally are left sitting in the dust, which turns into mud in the wet season. Access to schools and other forms of education is difficult and often impossible , simply because the getting there is often impossible for disabled students. Families with six or more children do not have many financial resources. In some villages, disabled children are still considered a disgrace and kept hidden away. And yet, we experience again and again how young disabled people take the chance we give them in our Center and turn their lives around a full 180 degrees. That is why we want to ensure each of our students:

    You can make it! We believe in your ability!

  2. „We believe in your ability“ - To share your wealth
    Many families can barely contribute to the education of their disabled children, but we still take them in. We are only able to do so because other people continually support our work. We do not beg, but believe that it is good for wealthy people to share some of their abundance in order to help others. We are thankful for and happy to accept even the smallest donation for our work.

    We believe in your ability!

  3. „We believe in your ability“ - and put our belief in you, God
    Of course it goes unsaid that some disabled people, who often have to deal with poverty and pain on a daily basis, lead a difficult life. Our employees are also emotionally burdened by the daily work with disability, and by being regularly confronted with pain, illness, suffering, and death. When people's spirits are down, we hope and pray to our gracious God to heal – to raise our spirits – to motivate – and to comfort us.

    Yes, even to God, we would like to say:
    We believe in Your ability!

Sincerely yours,
Director Pastor Elisha Z. Masangwa

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