The Story of Fredi

Fredi was first introduced to us in July. He lives alone with his grandfather, just a few kilometers away from Usa River. His mother became pregnant with him as a schoolgirl, and abandoned her son just a few weeks after giving birth. She has not been seen since.

Fredi only has two fingers on each hand, and two toes on each foot. He is nevertheless able to grasp and also to walk. Until he came to us, he was enrolled in a primary school located 6 kilometers from his home. However, he was only intermittently able to attend because of his walking disability, which made it difficult for him to cover the distance in the wet season. We made orthopedic shoes for Fredi and found a place for him in a boarding school run by our friends at the Faraja Diaconic Centre.
The picture shows him together with Pastor Kileo on his first day of school.

The school in Faraja is excellent, and 12-year-old Fredi seems extremely motivated to attend. We are very interested in his story, and can't wait to see how he develops.


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