Why Donations Help

Giving physically disabled people a perspective is an expensive matter, no matter where you live. But, while people in Germany and other Western nations can count on the state for help, the Tanzanians cannot. That forces schools like ours to be run like businesses, trying to at least keep operating costs covered. However, people always remain at the center of our attention.

In order to finance our work, we are dependent upon donations in addition to the revenues of our various projects. These donations help to pay for our students' schools fees, since they are often unable to pay them in full on their own. Here, we would like to illustrate for you what exactly you can accomplish with your donation.

  • 10 Euros pay for a tailor-made plastic splint to help treat one of our little patients with faulty foot posture (clubfoot). If treated consistently, this disability (almost) completely disappears within a few years.

  • 20 Euros pay for a 100 kilometer drive in our all-terrain vehicle, which enables us to work directly in the villages. Because even today, we see that disabled villagers are hidden away and have to be found and helped directly in their hometowns.

  • One month of school costs 45 Euros. For this fee, our students receive lodging, meals, care, and education for four weeks.

  • With 50 Euros, we can equip our shoemaker graduates with the necessary tools and other equipment to start a small business in their own villages, and thus to help them lead independent lives.

  • 75 Euros pay for a sack of beans, which next to corn is the staple food in Tanzania. One sack is enough to feed our students for ten days.

  • A donation of 100 Euros pays for wood, glue, screws, and nails. With this material, we can teach our carpentry students for six weeks.

  • Special tricycles which are suitable for African terrain help paralyzed people to gain mobility.  These vehicles are powered completely by hand and are truly „made in Tanzania“.  One tricycle costs 200 Euros.

  • With 510 Euros, you can pay for an entire year of school for one of our students.

Thank you for all of your support! Our account information is located here.

Sincerely Yours
Pfarrer Elibariki Kaaya & Diakon Thomas Wollner

Spenden helfen!
Spenden helfen!

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