Sheltered workshops

In Tanzania there is a great need of sheltered workshops for people with learning and mental disabilities. This implicates that these people have hardly any possibility to take part in everyday activities or in professional occupation. This directly influences their quality of life, their self-confidence and social integration.

It is also very sad to see how quickly former students of our Center lose their skills, because they don´t get much support afterwards. This is why we want to establish a sheltered workshop at URRC. 

The following prictures show that fist steps have already been made – for years some of our students have been taught Tinga Tinga painting.

We are very proud of this success which shows the hidden talents of our students.


Painting class / WfbM


This year we have started a training group for housekeeping activities.
We very much hope for all the people concerned that our plan of establishing our own sheltered workshops here at the Center will find much support and helpful people!

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