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Tanz Hand's

On August 1, we opened a new section of our Center: Our Tanz-Hand's Land – A place to relax and to browse. The building we selected for this project is located directly on our property. We were able to renovate it thanks to a generous donation made by the German Embassy in Tanzania. The donation also enabled us to start making new products to sell in the store. We currently sell only products made in our Center for disabled persons or products which benefit other facilities for disabled people in Tanzania.

Tanz-Hand's Café offers its guests internet access, fresh coffee, and fresh-baked cake.

The store has been enthusiastically visited since its opening, and its popularity is constantly growing.  We are happy that this newest addition to our Center helps to finance a part of our daily costs, thus allowing us to continue accepting disabled students whose families cannot afford to pay the complete school fees.

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