SETU - Special Education Training Unit

Training courses

It is the aim of the SETU training courses to teach its participants basic skills and knowledge within three months, in order to achieve the ability to professionally help, support and accompany people with needs.

The course is divided in four modules:

Module I
Different disabilities, their causes, symptoms, possibilities of treatment and special training, first aid for illnesses and accidents.

Module II
Pedagogy, psychology methodology, consultation.

Module III
Communication and sign language.

Module IV
Making teaching and learning materials, practical lessons in different crafts,

First aid course

After the course the participants will be supervised at their workplaces in order to guarantee the transfer of learned skills on their practical work.

A week of reflexion with all the course members accomplishes the three-month practical period of the course.


Final ceremony of the SETU course in November 2019.
Participants of the SETU course for URRC staff members and SETU-course II

Seminars for URCC staff members


In the past two years 14 URRC staff members have successfully passed the SETU training. Additionallly, regular meetings on different work topics have taken place. With our former SETU course participants we are currently further establishing and improving the crafting of different products in the SETU educational classes (tailoring, metalworks, joinery, bakery and training classes I and II).

On the one hand we plan to sell more of our own products, on the other hand our students will thereby be taught to become more self-relying and independent.

Open workshop days

The SETU department is going to offer open workshop days for different target groups next year, like parents and relatives, pastors, teachers, nurses, women´s groups etc. 
The focus will be on different disabilities, their causes, symptoms, treatment and training possibilities, e.g. for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), Hydrocephaly, Microcephaly, Epilepsy, Cerebral Paresis, Behavioral Disorders as well as support and training of daily life skills.

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